Genesis Morocco: Turning 'Arab Spring' Green: Moroccan Leaders to Speak at UN on Importance of Water & Renewable Energy for Economic Development

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Genesis Morocco

Project Genesis is a strategic sustainable development framework for Morocco to translate from being a net importer of energy and a country facing water shortage issues, into the number one producer both of clean renewable energy and water in the region.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011    <<Home

Turning 'Arab Spring' Green: Moroccan Leaders to Speak at UN on Importance of Water & Renewable Energy for Economic Development

Personal Notes :  Its a high level delegation alright, as you would expect since its taking place at the UN. Its an opportunity for Morocco to give exposure to its efforts in the field of renewables.

But pay close attention to the fact that renewable energy is associated with water, so is desalination finally becoming a hot topic ?  

Its going to be MASEN's head first address at the U.N, and I hope we will be able to follow on regularly with updates on our progress as far as our solar initiative is concerned. As for ONE's Fassi Fihri, he is an old hand at international politics, he recently negotiated a 10 years yearly 640 million cubic meters gas deal with Algeria, no small feat considering the state of our bilateral relations. Adyel is a division chief at MEM, very much a technocrat and also a key person, his division is that of Economic and Legal Studies, yes, the guys that say its going to be done so and not otherwise since they conduct the economic feasibility studies and also set the legal framework.  

This blog will report on this address as soon as official speech transcripts are made available.

Also worth noting is that Suez Environnement is amongst the speakers at this address, its interesting in the context of Veolia Environnement struggling to sell its assets in Morocco, these two are fierce competitors, so it seems Moroccan officials have their minds made about who is going to fill in the shoes of Veolia if it ceases its operations in Morocco. 

Moroccan Energy officials to address Sept. 20 forum in New York City at start of 66th Session of United Nations General Assembly

WASHINGTON, Sept. 14, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Next week, top officials from Morocco's Ministry of Energy, Agency for Solar Energy (MASEN), and National Electricity Office (ONE) will join business and NGO leaders in a forum at the United Nations in New York City on the key role of "Water and Renewable Energy in Economic, Regional and Local Development." Morocco won praise last year from Earth Day and U.S. EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson for its "commitment to a clean, green economy" and groundbreaking "National Charter for the Environment & Sustainable Development," the first of its kind in Africa and the Arab and Muslim world.

Public Forum

"Morocco on the Move: Water & Renewable Energy Strategy in Economic, Regional & Local Development"

on Tuesday, September 20, 2011
1:15-2:30 p.m.

at United Nations Headquarters, Room 5NLB
New York, NY


Mohammed Taoufik ADYEL: Director of Economic Studies, Morocco Ministry of Energy, Mines, Water and Environment
Ali FASSI FIHRI: General Director, Morocco National Electricity Office (ONE)
Mustapha BAKKOURY: President/Director, Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy (MASEN)

Experts from: the Water World Council, UNDP, Suez Environnement

Sourced : Moroccan American Trade and Investment Center / PR Newswire / Quotemedia

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