Genesis Morocco: A key component of the Euro-African energy security ?

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Genesis Morocco

Project Genesis is a strategic sustainable development framework for Morocco to translate from being a net importer of energy and a country facing water shortage issues, into the number one producer both of clean renewable energy and water in the region.

Sunday, August 7, 2011    <<Home

A key component of the Euro-African energy security ?

Personal notes :  Aside from the complementary relation between a shared energy market between a major nuclear energy producer, that is France, and Morocco a country that is bound to be a major player in the field of renewable energies, mainly solar, we can see history at work here.

It is the opportunity for France to tap in the renewables market big time, and regarding the nature of our bilateral relations to be a partner for Morocco in its transition towards renewables. 

Minister Besson points at the fact that the pipe is important, how about seeing things big, how about a bridge ?  It would link the whole of North Africa to Europe, and possibly all of Africa through the building of nods and upgrading the grid infrastructure all the way to South Africa.

It is I believe one of several key elements Buckminster Fuller had in mind for his global integrated grid.

Integrating the Northern Wind belt, to the Southern Solar belt, all the way until South Africa that could be a lead player in wave energy with its raging currents is the way to go.  In that scheme of things, French nuclear energy will be welcome for load balancing. The question of when remains a question mark, I guess when we realize that energy is boundless in nature and should not be an impediment to the development of certain areas of the world.

Indeed solving the energy question is key to solving all other relevant questions, such as food and water. They all constitute elements of a global security and issuing prosperity that I hope we will all experience in the future. 

Witnessing the events in parts of the world, such as Somalia, I can only say one thing. God when he created earth endowed it with all our needs, the question of how do we exploit these resources and how we distribute them is crucial if we want a better world for ourselves and future generations. 

Vers un Pacte énergétique euro-méditerranéen
 Publié le : 11.07.2011 | 20h11

Le Maroc et la France ont appelé, lundi à Rabat, les pays de l'Union pour la méditerranée (UPM) à conclure ensemble un pacte énergétique euro-méditerranéen.

«Nous appelons les pays de l'Union pour la méditerranée à s'engager dans un pacte énergétique euro-méditerranéen, seul à même de relever les défis qui nous sont posés et de maximiser nos potentialités dans un indispensable esprit de co-développement», ont souligné les ministres français et marocain de l'énergie dans une déclaration commune.

«Nous sommes de véritables partenaires du plan solaire marocain. C'est un plan extrêmement ambitieux, qui sera la clé de voûte pour le plan solaire méditerranéen», a indiqué à la presse, le ministre français de l'industrie, de l'énergie et de l'économie numérique, Eric Besson, en visite au Maroc, dans le cadre du partenariat politique et économique bilatérale.

«Pour concrétiser ce partenariat global, il faudra travailler sur les interconnexions. Tout passe par la manière selon laquelle le Maroc sera relié à l'Espagne, et l'Espagne à la France», a expliqué Besson.

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