Genesis Morocco: Why Intel is getting in the energy game

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Genesis Morocco

Project Genesis is a strategic sustainable development framework for Morocco to translate from being a net importer of energy and a country facing water shortage issues, into the number one producer both of clean renewable energy and water in the region.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011    <<Home

Why Intel is getting in the energy game

Well if we are looking for leaders in energy efficiency we need look no further than microchip makers. Intel is the biggest one, and Intel is busy promoting its leader rank to make an entry at home level energy efficiency, as far as device level. (video)

Will we see in the future any device with a chip in it being capable of querying the grid for energy cost and adapt its cycles accordingly, even feeding the grid when voltage sells at a premium ?

It is already being developed for cars, able to feed in the grid. Ultimately if any device that stores energy is able to feed it back to the grid we can see virtualization take place in the energy sector, where devices would be queried to feed in a peak usage time and charge on less busy times.

Also if Intel with its experience in chemicals makes a game changing discovery that could be of use for solar efficiency we could see Intel make an entry into the either solar panel or thin film solar manufacturing.

Intel rates buy, as always.