Genesis Morocco: Smart from the Start

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Genesis Morocco

Project Genesis is a strategic sustainable development framework for Morocco to translate from being a net importer of energy and a country facing water shortage issues, into the number one producer both of clean renewable energy and water in the region.

Monday, February 21, 2011    <<Home

Smart from the Start

Visual : Electron beam welding

Smart from the start, means a lot of things… Lets put them in perspective in real implementable directives.
Acting within the legislative framework is nescessary for rapidly transforming measures into facts on the ground, providing due process.

A smart legislative framework : Architectural norms 

Morocco is a country in construction, lots of developments in that sector. We need to see directives concerning the energy mix of those new structures, either through ministerial directives (my favorite) or through a broader law project at the parliament structuring and normalizing the industry. Such measures can be progressive in their scope providing for 20% of energy from renewable for the coming 10 years in the energy mix of future développements , then for 40% in the next 10, finally reaching 100% or more (solar and wind energy producing collectives). So those norms would have to be embedded in the construction, perhaps it would exclude economical housing in the first phase, allowing for the prices of solar cells to drop, the most promising technology being thin film solar.

Solar pannels and solar water heaters should allow the develloper to apply for a green permit, with tax reductions permitting him to offset the innitial investment while ressaling the energy produced to the ONE for a premium. Future developments will be a kind of habitat, office, and energy projects, allowing for the construction industry to embrace renewable energy. The prime exemple in this field is Masdar City.

Smart projects, the Solar Belt and Wind Belts 

The concepts are calqued on the Green Belt project, innitiated by late King Hassan II.  The Solar belt can either encircle cities or strech from north to south. The Wind Belt would strech along the coast. Theses are massive undertakings, they would generate a huge amount of energy, and create jobs. The investment however will be quite important.

Smart grid

Our choice of including renewables in the energy mix of the country means we will have to improve our grid. We should aim towards achieving a smart grid compatible with the European grid, allowing for energy exchanges between the two ensembles, the EU and Northern Africa.

Smart energy policy :

Starting at homeowner level, and on the scale of the regions of the Kingdom, we need to see implemented clear guidelines to steer us toward a successful energy reconversion. Targets should be set for each region in respect to its wind and solar potential to start realizing it fully. The King's renewable energy strategy has already given a head-start to some regions, we need other regions to catch up and grow their own projects.

Smart technologies :

Investments in Cleantech are key, the ideal candidate is ONA, with a possible renewables branch and key investments in the energy sector, which is meant to be deregulated. Deregulation mean that the game will change, and a slot in the energy distribution sector is a nice card to have in one's deck.