Genesis Morocco: The Sum of All Fears vs The Sum of All Opportunities

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Genesis Morocco

Project Genesis is a strategic sustainable development framework for Morocco to translate from being a net importer of energy and a country facing water shortage issues, into the number one producer both of clean renewable energy and water in the region.

Monday, January 24, 2011    <<Home

The Sum of All Fears vs The Sum of All Opportunities

"Because there's a conflict in
every human heart between the rational and the irrational,

between good and evil. And good does not always triumph. 

Sometimes the dark side overcomes what Lincoln called
the better angels of our nature."
Gen Corman, Apocalypse Now.

Personal Notes : By the end of the century we would have reached past the threshold of opportunity and will have realized either one of two things, or cycles to be more in context :

A virtuous cycle : I have documented thoroughly what such a cycle may be in this blog, but for the sake of clarity let us state the following objectives, that are to be viewed as a synergy :

A/ Self sufficiency in water drinkable and for agrarian purposes, through the implementation of desalination solutions and water pipelines

B/ Self sufficiency in energy, through the massive exploitation of solar, wind and sea energy, development of the energy and manufacturing sector as well as key renewable energy technologies

C/ Self sufficiency in food, using available cheap water with maximal efficiency : through hydroponics, and micro irrigation (green houses), allowing us to reclaim non arable land and grow our agriculture and diversify it.

A nefast cycle : The scenario here concerns not only Morocco

A/ Having neglected the now well documented climate change crisis, world leaders as well as key corporations and the public at large, will have contributed to its magnification beyond what is sustainable.

B/ Population migrations, either from non sustaining lands, due to drought, rising waters, extreme climatic events will render thing very difficult for governments to conduct the business of the people in a calm thoughtful manner, we will always be pressed by the need to answer some crisis, domestically, regionally or around the globe

C/ Those crisis can lead to conflicts, ethnic and otherwise and possibly wars. It is a catastrophe scenario, where we would be lacking the will to collaborate along the lines of what Buckminster Fuller envisioned, and still be considering the resources as finite when as a matter of fact they are sufficient if exploited optimally by the means of a global smart grid, recycling, renewables, implementation of hydroponics on non arable land, etc.

Conclusion :

The leaders of our generation, accordingly to their weight in world events, the US, China, the EU, Russia, India, Brazil to name a few seem to have fully realized the stakes and are busy implementing national strategies. In Morocco we have set ambitious goals for renewable energy. Considering the general concerto of efforts, it would lead me to be puzzled as to the lack of success of a global agenda with set targets. But politics are in general the expression of the path of least resistance. I am confident that the path of least resistance will take the shape of an enhanced collaboration and effort by developing and developed nations to tackle the issues at hand.

As for corporations, well they are busy snatching desert land in the US, it seems deserts have become the hottest land property to have in a portfolio nowadays. Oil giants are trying to portray themselves as green, green is very fashionable it seems. Even the oil states are investing in renewables, Algeria just announced that it aims at obtaining 30% of their energy by 2020 through renewables. But, do not be fooled, it is still the market operating here, Algeria has realized quite some time after its gulf neighbors, that the less fossil fuels it consumes domestically the more it can export.

Corporations are after the incentives whenever available, or they are busy like EON, dreaming about bigger schemes of things like Desertec.

In this context Project Genesis Morocco has seen major advances in its solar, wind and water chapters, although I expect further developments in the desalination field to happen sometime in the near future, especially in the north where we see seasonal water shortages in large cities such as Tangiers.

As for its agricultural component, it is a matter of will and investment to start exploiting non arable land, but to do it optimally the energy and water question have to be addressed, we can be looking then at the sustainable colonization of arid land especially in our Southern provinces, literally making the desert bloom. A Green March of some sort.

But such a strategy would entail solving the outstanding issues between Morocco and Algeria, the RASD being just a pawn. After all what can they offer that would match the strategical advantages on all levels such as a constructive partnership with Morocco, and a revival of the Maghreb Arab Union, a union that has the merit to exist and that has a lot of potential in it.

I remain a firm believer in the sum of all opportunities. Are you ?

Visual : Haleakala Sunrise by unknown