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Genesis Morocco

Project Genesis is a strategic sustainable development framework for Morocco to translate from being a net importer of energy and a country facing water shortage issues, into the number one producer both of clean renewable energy and water in the region.

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Regional developments


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Personal notes :  Recent ones, from Libya and Egypt. Wind corridors should be tapped into whenever available, You can see how this fits in the picture with  previous posts untitled Scale Matters (about Wind projects in Morocco) and Genesis as a federating venture for the UMA countries 

Indeed an integrated Wind Belt would constitute quite a sizable project for the energy integration of the region. The grid interconnection of the various production units would allow for an exploitation on a regional scale with a separate grid. What would be nice about it is real time load balancing across multiple countries, a separate grid would allow us to share all of the energy generated by the interconnected wind farms and that would be in itself a formidable thing. In any case it would lay the fundation for the interconnection of ensembles within the framework of the Global Grid envisioned by Bucky. The Northern Grid can serve as an example of what is to come. 

When I say, what is to come, it is simply because I believe in an evolutionary theory for Energy and grids. Energy's nature is alike that of water, it has a tendency to expand, fill all available space as for grids, their nature is to interconnect (like the Internet) and their utility and worth expands with their interconnection.

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Libya to build first wind power project
january 16, 2011
Libya is about to join the wind energy club with the construction of a 61.75 MW wind farm at Al-Fetaih, near Dernah on the north east coast.

It was started in Darna city the execution of wind farm Alfateh Project for exploiting the wind power as the first project for developing the renewable energy in Libya. The wind farm project consists of wind turbines for producing electricity by wind energy power of 60 Megawatt, control equipments, electric transformers, operation and maintenance building, electric lines, service roads, control rooms and workshops.

The wind farm is executed by the Spanish Amtors Company, it will take period of 20 months and it aims at using various resources of energy in Libya in addition to contribute in covering part of electricity demand and in the sustainable development.

The cost of the project is about (180) million L.D. Better late than never as Libya hopes to reach its goal of generating 10% of renewable energy by 2020, while currently at less than 1%.

Mohamed Ekhlat, from the Renewable Energy Authority of Libya (REAOL), said at the MENASOL conference held in Cairo from May 4-5 that Libya recognized the importance of renewable energy for the country although it was one of the largest oil producers on the African continent.

He said that by 2015, Libya anticipated having several wind farms generating around 500 MW with its overall target to produce 1,000 MW of wind energy by 2020.

Such projects include wind farms in Dernah (120 MW in two stages); Al Maqrun (240 MW in two stages); western region wind farms at Meslata, Tarhuna, and Asabap (250 MW); southeastern region wind farms at Gallo, Almasarra, Alkofra, Tazrbo (120 MW); and southwestern region wind farms at Aliofra, Sabha, Gatt, and Ashwairef (120 MW).

In addition, Libya is getting ready to select a manufacturer for Photovoltaic plants that will be located in three locations with each location producing 15 MW of power each.

Ekhlat said that Libya is working to expand PV technology to remote areas. The North African country is also looking into adding 1,000 PV rooftop systems for residential areas with a feasibility study for a Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) plant reportedly underway.

Egypt unveils wind energy ambitions

12 January 2011

Egypt will aim to kick-start its renewable energy industry by setting a target of generating 12 per cent of its entire power from wind over the next five years.

According to reports, Electricity Minister Hassen Yunes said he will aim for 2,690MW of wind power to be installed in the country between now and 2016.

Working in co-operation with the European Union, financial institutions in Germany and the government of Japan, Egypt aims to construct wind farms largely around the Gulf of Suez, AFP said.

In July, the government revealed it also planned to build a 1GW solar plant by 2017 that will cost in the order of $700m. A tender for this was launched later in the year.

Early signs in 2011 indicate that the country is taking the adoption of renewable energy very seriously and Solar Millennium subsidiary Flagsol launched a hybrid solar thermal project 100km south of Cario that is expected to provide a foundation for future investment into similar projects in the region.

The €250m project is the first hybrid solar thermal project in the North African country and is set to supply uninterrupted power to its grid early this year.

World Bank statistics show the Gulf of Suez is one of the most suitable locations in the world for wind energy, according to AFP.

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