Genesis Morocco: Can We Do It Alone ?

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Genesis Morocco

Project Genesis is a strategic sustainable development framework for Morocco to translate from being a net importer of energy and a country facing water shortage issues, into the number one producer both of clean renewable energy and water in the region.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010    <<Home

Can We Do It Alone ?

Well, a couple of well placed target acquisitions in holders of advanced technological know how would enable us technologically at least.

The main acquisition target for Genesis Morocco would be SES Stirling that currently deploys the most advanced technology in the field of concentrated solar producing 24.9 kW per SunCatcher unit at a peak efficiency of 29.4 %.

The following logical investment would be in a semi automated production chain to be locally based to bring the overall cost of the produced SunCatcher units to a minimum. Of course they could be exported for more. In that field we already have experience in the auto sector. The best course of action should be for the production unit to be delivered "clés en main" by one of the majors, Hitachi, Mitsubishi etc.

Another key asset would be a firm operating in the supercomputing field so as to come up with the computing power for all of the project. That will have to be coupled with efforts at the middleware and software levels

Then we need to see with discernment the Genesis Morocco with its aim at producing 12Gw of renewable energy is a program on par with the Apollo program if you put things in perspective.

It is tremendously ambitious, considering going it alone, but it can be done and going it alone doesnt exclude assistance by friendly countries such as Spain, Germany, France and the USA.

What will be very welcome is program management of something of this scale. Morocco already embarked on the largest such venture in Africa for renewables, but this would be a first worldwide. Helpfully we have a good track records in implementing large programs, such as the PAGER for exemple, for which we received a UN prize in 2004

Can it be done ? I am confident it can be, we have good engineers and administrators, the investments I am proposing to start with remain at state level, as for the overall program feasibility it constitutes the opportunity for Morocco to acquire key technology and a new industry, an industry of the future, with the possible emergence of a new Moroccan energy giant, and in that regards it warrants any sacrifices made to transform it into facts.

True some will say the country has other priorities, it is already being proved wrong by the massive 9 billions targeted at renewables and the 42% renewables target by 2020 which will enables us to save hundreds of millions in hard currency.

It seems that teaching a man to fish and not handing out his diner to him makes sense at the top levels of the state.

What is necessary in the case of Morocco's is to pursue all the diverse axes of development while adopting a social centric approach.

In the end what Genesis aims at is both the very same thing, allowing the Moroccan citizen a decent level of development if not to say one on par with developed nations, one where we would be owners of the tools of our own development, having secured self sufficiency in energy, water and food, while being also involved in the future's industries and services sector.

Time will tell, but already the future looks bright.

Photography : Moustapha Meskine (Maroc) “Fantasia des couleurs”, Canon Prize 2009