Genesis Morocco: OUA, A Missing Link ?

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Genesis Morocco

Project Genesis is a strategic sustainable development framework for Morocco to translate from being a net importer of energy and a country facing water shortage issues, into the number one producer both of clean renewable energy and water in the region.

Monday, August 2, 2010    <<Home

OUA, A Missing Link ?

Not missing on Africa's Renewal Opportunity

Aside from the murky colonial past, a bright new sun is shinning on Africa, with renewable energy projects springing up all over the continent from South Africa to Egypt, Algeria and Morocco. I often discussed Genesis Morocco as a component of larger scale programs, namely Genesis Maghreb and Genesis World. I also hinted several times that there is a leading role to be played in another macro ensemble, namely the OUA (Organisation de l'Unité Africaine / OAU - Organisation of African Unity) and would like to elaborate more on the matter. True we have split from that organization following its recognition of the RASD as a member, but it seems to me that we cannot forever afford bypassing one of the few working institutions in the continent.

I would like to insist on my view that constructive engagement with the OUA is better than staying on the sidelines. What were loosing by adopting that posture is considerable political capital, weight and influence in the region. Or course the vacuum is filled by Algeria, South Africa and Libya, but I do not want to dwell too deep in politics.

Reintegration of the OUA, would be pragmatic and to the point and should be seriously considered. As for the impact we can have, suffice it to say that with the collaboration of other governments we can successfully lay out a program for the energetical, water and food self-sufficiency of the continent, building up a better electrical grid, putting in place peak usage balancing between multiple countries, a whole package of initiatives that would strengthen the cohesion and efficiency of Africa's development strategy in energy, perene drinking and farming water as well as food autonomy.

It is essentially a matter of implementing an ambitious plan, a workable plan, one that translates in directly implementable projects across the continent. Doing so cannot be achieved while skipping the OUA. It is about cloning efforts that have been successful elsewhere, integration of the continents energy concerns with the possible emergence of one or several energy giants.

Simply but boldly put, Africa has the means to lift itself out of poverty if it puts itself to work.

Our western and eastern (Chinese) partners should be engaged not with dreamy thoughts but with concrete investment opportunities, financial, know how and technological investment.

The geostrategical and diplomatic capital reaped by Morocco through such positive engagement and involvement in the continents future would be immense. Already we have engaged in the largest solar energy production program in Africa. Why not push things to their conclusion, why not be Africa's renewable revolution leaders, in Africa, at the OUA.

Generics for AIDS initiative.

This is not the focus of this blog, but demonstrates the variety of questions we can address using the OUA as a platform and shows how we can make a change in Africa starting from tomorrow.

We know that Brazil and India have successfully produced and distributed generics of AIDS treatment drugs.

We in Morocco, have the largest pharmaceutical production plant in Africa, Laprophan SA. We can, when and if we reintegrate the OUA, start mass producing generics for the fight against AIDS in Africa and engage with African governments for their distribution. All in the framework of the OUA.

ONUSIDA and organisms such as the Kuwait Fund, the Gates Foundation or the Soros Fund could contribute financially and logistically in order to make the program affordable, sustainable and a success.

The idea is simple, doable, much needed, and would greatly enhance Morocco's international image.