Genesis Morocco: An oil spill and the free energy ecosystem

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Genesis Morocco

Project Genesis is a strategic sustainable development framework for Morocco to translate from being a net importer of energy and a country facing water shortage issues, into the number one producer both of clean renewable energy and water in the region.

Monday, June 14, 2010    <<Home

An oil spill and the free energy ecosystem

I dont want to sound overly cynical but this oil spill is going to make the U.S and thus pretty much the rest of the world in its wake rush into a green energy reconversion. BP rates sell. The Saudi's and company are already investing in green energies, curious for Gulf countries. Its like it become a race.

On the other hand, China who fully measured the extent of the "Main mise" of the Americans on Irak's oil reserves is going green way faster then anyone expected. It obviously doesn't want to depend on America's good will or absence thereof as far as its development is concerned, so too it wants to get rid of oil dependence.

That leaves us in a corner, with land ideally exposed, proximity to Europe, even grid linkage, able to deliver a massive amount of gigawatt's to key regions, namely Europe, and the MEA region.

The perspectives of grid integration along what's been put on paper by Buckminster Fuller would render the need for adverse competing in the energy sector irrelevant.

So there, one less reason to make war, energy resources in amounts equal to waste, transitioning into waste free (It is my belief that we will be able to store massive amounts of energy in kinetic devices once the friction problem is solved, or reduced to a very low minima)

Energy, water. Water is a key resources, if not adequately distributed it can cause massive population migrations, riots, wars, etc. This is a fact of life to be addressed, already the Palestinians are enduring very questionable limitations on their water resources. Why would one ask when desalination stations can be pumping from the Mediterranean sea day in day off and provide for their needs.

The limiting factor, not to dwell in low self-esteem politics, is energy, it has a cost and its too high. I hope you understand that we are already in the free energy ecosystem framework, wich allows for a more advanced stage, the free energy and water ecosystem / F-EWE.

The third reason being land, because land contains resources in water and energy, that can be of vital interest to other states. The deserts of the globe are enough space for everyone in this planet for generations to come. They are indeed the most undervalued pieces of property, for now. Its already getting harder to get land for solar exploitation in some U.S states.

An adequate human colonization of the deserts of the globe, provided those communities are sustainable on the long run, are linked to a water and energy grid, and proficient in micro irrigation would constituted the outposts of more advanced forms of colonies. Domed cities, credit goes here again to Bucky, in an advanced stage of a free energy and water ecosystem, one that allows for sustainable colonization of this planet. Simply put we are at the end of the energy and water cost ecosystem and at the beginning of another more advanced form of adaptation to our environment.

This I believe is the challenge for our generation and future one's, adapt successfully to an environment and preserving it. As for the oil spill it demonstrates yet another time that the cost to the environment and the economy is not acceptable nor sustainable.

Time to go green !

ps./ transitioning towards a free energy ecosystem will not exactly happen like that, but in this case profit is a driving force. At some moment we might have more energy then we consume, what then ?