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Genesis Morocco

Project Genesis is a strategic sustainable development framework for Morocco to translate from being a net importer of energy and a country facing water shortage issues, into the number one producer both of clean renewable energy and water in the region.

Sunday, April 18, 2010    <<Home

Genesis World, as in World Politics

Ok, I would like to introduce here Genesis World as the bigger idea. Genesis Morocco is far from completion and I dont like to loose focus on something and jump onto another thing, but I am just going to expose the vision of Genesis World and be done with it. Eventually it could take shape as another blog, but for now, I will just post here.

This is for starters, a contribution to the NY Times Op-Ed, April 15, 2010. It applies a general concept to a specific case. There's an issue of world politics that I put forward, namely the Arab-Israeli conflict, and the possibilities that peace and cooperation offer. 

Dear Sir,

It has been now four years that I have been researching and documenting the feasibility of the colonization of the Moroccan Sahara using solar energy and water desalinization on a grand scale to attain sustainable development in that region and the rest of the country as well. Project Genesis Morocco has a bigger brother known as Desertec.

In the course of gathering this material, I have taken interest in the diverse deserts of the world, such as Gobi in China and the Negev and Sinai deserts. Regarding theses last two, I see a tremendous opportunity of alleviating the tensions in the region by allowing Israel its natural growth in the Negev through the human colonization of that large piece of underestimated property, and by proposing a joint venture with the largest Arab state for the replication of the same initiative in the Sinai.

Land for Peace has been the motto of the last decade for the resolution of the Israeli Arab conflict, and its sticking point, it seems to me that there is plenty of land, and mature technologies to exploit it.

Israel is a pioneer in water desalinization plants, and could benefit from the investments Arab countries would be eventually interested in making for peace, so that it secures in an affordable manner one of its basic strategical needs, drinking water. In return, Arab countries would benefit from cooperation and a sensible amount of technology transfer in water desalination and renewable energy fields, Israel is also very advanced in solar technology.

The goal is twofold, first, stop building settlements that in the catastrophic eventuality of a war would stretch the IDF too thin and would be impossible to defend... This should make sense for the Israelis. Second and more optimistically, allow for the creation of a viable Palestinian state amongst whose vital interest is also drinkable water.

We have converging interests but diverging political agendas, interests will remain whereas I manage my agenda on a weekly basis.

end //

Ok, if you are done reading this, then there are some keywords I would like to elaborate upon,

01 renewable
02 water
03 land
04 peace.

Genesis world is about exploiting the deserts of the world through the implementation of massive solar farms that generate enough energy to cover the planets population needs in energy AND water, through sea water desalination.

Gobi, The Negev, The Sahara, The Sinai, Al Rub Al Khali, The Kalahari, The Mojave, and The Australian Desert, are all likely candidates for Genesis World.

The exploitation of the deserts wouldn't be only an industrial challenge, but large communities would actually live there thus addressing a problem of resource allocation that is not optimal.

The settled communities would produce energy, be linked to water pipelines stretching from coastal areas and enjoy clean air. :) ! It is a fascinating challenge for architecture and urbanism.

Having achieved that then, only then, be looking at an era of global peace and security, since we people fight for.

01 Resources, ie energy and water.
02 Land.
03 Political nonsense

Once everyones needs are satisfied, then the only tensions we should be looking at will be artificial and should appear for what they are. That's item number 3.

I am not a big believer in politics myself, I guess nothing much changed since Agora times. Lots of talk. I'm more the type who would pick up a shovel to get the job done then talk about doing it.

I will close on an optimistic note by adding that Genesis World as a big idea that calls for an unprecedented in scale, sustainable, industrial, technical and managerial effort, also encompasses a collection of small efforts that already constitute a dynamic that changes peoples life's across the globe.

Look at what 5 watts can achieve :

Update 09:50 PM, April 18, 2010 : EVATT as a mechanism of financing for Genesis programs in the parts of the world where they are implemented makes a lot of sense.