Genesis Morocco: Credit goes to Mister Buckminster Fuller

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Genesis Morocco

Project Genesis is a strategic sustainable development framework for Morocco to translate from being a net importer of energy and a country facing water shortage issues, into the number one producer both of clean renewable energy and water in the region.

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Credit goes to Mister Buckminster Fuller

Project Genesis inscribes itself in the framework defined by Mister Buckminster Fuller, to whom goes the full credit for inspiring this vision of the future.

His vision of a planet where energetical resources are shared through an efficient grid is here comforted by the newfound interest of energy majors in the renewable energy field, theses include total and shell amongst others. It completes this reorientation toward the renewable field with the opportunity of addressing an even greater concern, that of water resources.

Obtaining infinite supplies of energy through harnessing its potential with the most efficient solution we have presently, the Stirling solar dish brainchild of SANDIA and Boeing Industries, in order to secure infinite supplies of water is a virtuous cycle that cannot be broken, that benefits all,

The case study we have now that is nearing completion is that of the SES Solar Farm that is being implemented in the Mojave Desert near Victorville, California, for SoCal Edison.

Ultimately the plant should count 20 000 such dishes of 25Kw capacity dishes installed in and generate 500 Megawatts.

Genesis Morocco is composed of two components,

Project Solaris provides the power, Key Metrics are as follow :

12 000 Megawatts
480 000 Stirling dish
437 km2
Province of Errachidia
3200 + hours of insolation/year
330 days per year
Project timespan 4 years

Project Atlas provides the Water : Key Metrics

6 (six) Units
1.5 billion USD total investment
648 million m³ of water
$4.95 billion USD overall revenue
water prices - $0.3/m³
75,000m² plant

This approximates 24 times what is being built in the Mojave desert presently and would supply 4.5 million households. That is Twice the actual ONE (National Electricity Office) output. 4.4 USD Billions investment with 2.2 USD Billions turnover.

It is my conviction that Morocco is ideally endowed in terms of expertise and infrastructure to serve as a successful ground for the large deployment of SES systems. Existing studies have demonstrated that a portion of the desert lands not fit for agriculture can generate enough energy to sustain both domestic and foreign markets, worldwide.

The chinese word, danger also means opportunity, I would add to that, that the greatest dangers are also the greatest opportunities.