Genesis Morocco: A Few thoughts

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Genesis Morocco

Project Genesis is a strategic sustainable development framework for Morocco to translate from being a net importer of energy and a country facing water shortage issues, into the number one producer both of clean renewable energy and water in the region.

Friday, September 28, 2007    <<Home

A Few thoughts

Im planning to take some time to redesign the blog. The source code has changed, and some of the visuals arent accessible due to server downtime (weeks now :) ) at my local provider.
Ok here's the update, the UN has officially recognized what eveyone else knows, that climate change is the work of mankind. Bush is busy making some pr out of that with his invitations to a meeting about reducing emissions. The brits have shown some strange schemes on the bbc about capturing CO2 using some bizarre inventions that are not economically scalable. Total is making an outstanding commercial about how the city of Sevilla, spain, plans to provide for the whole city using 9 solar towers, one of which has been built already. Total rates Buy.

Some research going on here

Fact 01

Long-distance transmission of electricity (thousands of miles) is cheap and efficient, with costs of US$ 0.005 to 0.02 per kilowatt-hour

A Few thoughts.

01 Solar plants can effectively be somewhat remote from main cities, and output fed to the grid through high voltage lines.

01 b Solar plants can be located in the areas where we have vast expenses of unused land with ideal insolation metrics. Thoses are also the regions where agriculture is poor, thus the most likely defavorized regions.

01 c Solaris has the capacity to make us evolve towards a commodity and service economy while at the same time helping us even the development inequalities in the Kingdom.

02 Trains, ONCF, do they have their own proprietary grid or are they linked to the common ONE infrastructure ? If they could be directly plugged to Solaris, that would provide us with green transport on a massive scale: electric trains running on solar power. Something to consider.
02b In the same vein, there is a tram project going on here in Rabat, plugging it on a solar powered grid is a stunning direct application of Solaris : maximizing the use of renewables, to support non critical, even critical (redundant back up, traditional grid would take the relay in case of failure of the solar on) infrastructure, while at the same time helping aleviate climate change. Indeed using renewables for mass transportation is the most intelligent use I can think of as far as the role of renewables in helping combat climate change.

03 I got to rethink my crisscrossing the grid between the different solar plants, its ideal for redundant systems and would make Solaris catastrophy proof, even war proof, and you want that kind of security if its to power the whole country and provide supply to third parties. Then again there's associated cost. Something for the engineers to assess.

A sketch of the grid and solar farms likely locations here. Final visual soon.

The article at wikipedia also states the following :
Getting renewables connected into the long-distance transmission grid is critical for carbon reduction strategies for reducing global warming. Hydro and wind sources can't be moved closer to high population cities, and solar costs are lowest in remote areas where local power needs are the least.
I couldnt agree more.
Thats all for now.