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Genesis Morocco

Project Genesis is a strategic sustainable development framework for Morocco to translate from being a net importer of energy and a country facing water shortage issues, into the number one producer both of clean renewable energy and water in the region.

Sunday, June 11, 2006    <<Home

Insight, OFF grid

Following on the phasing approach, what if we can gradually take cities off the traditional electricity grid and plug them on a Solaris grid.

The idea of Solaris having an independant grid of its own is seducing. That grid would be formed by high capacity powerlines and reach the main cities of the country. So During daytime when Solaris produced the most of its output, the cities would divert a part of the feed for immediate consumption and store the rest in their AEST's for consumption during the night.

The ONE traditional high capacity grid would become somewhat of an UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), and be diverted as a backup to critical installations, hospitals, telecoms, military.